Here are some of our most frequently asked questions. If you have a question or suggestion, please send us an email.  You can also call us at 706-452-1723. Please visit us on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

Where are you located?

We are located at 252 Komplex Dr. Carnesville, GA. This is the same location as the Georgia Karting Komplex.

Can I print an event flyer to post at work or school?

Yes! We encourage it. You can download our latest event flyer here.

What if I am not sure what class to race in?

If you are unsure about what class to register for, seek a track official to get help with class registration.

Can I bring my pets?

We currently have a No Pets allowed policy, this is for the safety of your pets and the spectators.

Can we camp at North Georgia Mud Bog?

Absolutely. We do not have electric or sewage hookups, but you can bring a generator. We have porta-potties on premises. We also allow primitive camping at no extra cost. Campers, RVs and tents are all allowed.

Where can I view the rules?

Visit this page for our official rules.

What is the cost?

Gate: $15 per person.
Children 10 & under are FREE
Trackside Parking $10 (Limited space available - Come early)

Will you have the kids Power Wheels race at every event?

Yes! We will have the Power Wheels race at every race!

Do you have handicap accessible bathrooms?

Yes, but they are located at the go-kart track, which is behind the mud bog. Ask a track official and we will provide a golf-cart to get you to them, if necessary.

Can I purchase tickets online?

We are working hard to make online payments available for our next event!

Can I bring a grill?

Absolutely. We encourage people to bring pop-up tents, chairs and grills! Have a great time!

What if I run 2 different tire sizes at the same time?

The largest tire on the vehicle will determine what classes you are eligible to race in.

Example: Running 38" tires on the front and 44" tires on the back? You would be able to race in the 40"+ class, the Fast Lane Consistency Class and the Race Class, but not in the 36"-39.5" class.

What are the rules for Practice Rounds?

Each driver has the option for 2 practice rounds. You must be entered in at least one race event. See the Rules page for full details.

I don't see my class listed. Does that mean you aren't running it?

In most cases, if we have enough entries to run a class, we are going to run it. If you're worried about a specific class, it's best to give Justin Duncan a phone call and discuss it with him personally at 706-452-1723.

What does the Track Layout & Track-side parking look like?

North Georgia Mud Bog - Track Layout